Young Planners Conference 2014 – speaker slides

Thank you to all who attended, helped and contributed to this year’s national RTPI Young Planners Conference 2014. We couldn’t have done it without you! We are now pleased to be able to share the presentation slides where slides were used – feel free to share this page with fellow conference attendees!

YPC-S1-Housing and Population-David Cowans

YPC-S1-Housing and Population-David Warburton

YPC-S1-Housing and Population-Gerry Hughes

YPC-S1-Housing and Population-Sandra Rothwell

YPC-S2-Infrastructure Challenge-Angus Walker

YPC-S2-Infrastructure Challenge-Julia Dean

YPC-S2-Infrastructure Challenge-Tim Norwood

YPC-S3-Centenary Reflections-Janet Askew

YPC-S3-Centenary Reflections-Jennifer Angus

YPC-S3-Centenary Reflections-Marion FrederiksenYPC-S3-Centenary Reflections-Mike Harris

YPC-S3-Centenary Reflections-Peter Roberts

YPC-S3-Centenary Reflections-Tristan Dewhurst

YPC-S3-Centenary Reflections-Viral Desai

YPC-S4-Environmental Resilience-Amy Willoughby

YPC-S4-Environmental Resilience-Rachael Hill

YPC-S4-Environmental Resilience-Jon Kirkpatrick

YPC-S4-Environmental Resilience-Jonathan Speed


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