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Royal William Yard, Plymouth

A brief look at a recent visit to Royal William Yard, Plymouth, one of Urban Splash’s latest redevelopment schemes on a former naval site in Plymouth.

More details coming soon….


The Work Cycle 

This site isn’t really about planning as such although there are obvious links to transport issues which almost all development has to consider. The idea behind the site is to look at workplaces across the globe where cycling to work is popular. Part interior design, part bike porn,it might interest you. And whilst global, it happens to be the product of a Bristol based graphics company and features a number of Bristol/Bath companies, including Aardman (look closely and you can see Wallace’s own bike).


Big Happy City 

This is a really interesting site with a heavy focus on regeneration stories. We found it via Chris Brown (who writes his own excellent blog here). Big Happy City pitch the site as being a home for stories about regeneration where people can share their own experiences and learn from others. The key point behind those stories is people and specifically those who live and work in the city being the key to making a city great. From personal experience, you only have to spend a sunny post work evening or a weekend in Bristol during the summer, when their seems to be an event every weekend, to feel that.

A particularly topical example on flooding…


We’ve reordered our site a bit and from now on this page will be the home of our thoughts, articles and websites/blogs we like. We’ll also be looking to include some photo essays of our travels. As ever, if you want to write something we would be happy to hear from you via our usual contact details.


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